All About Bitches and Weed

What is

In short, it’s a website for pigs and potheads. It’s basically nothing more than an outrageously juvenile idea about hot girls and cannabis.

Why is it called Bitches and Weed?

The name comes from two of hip hop’s most frequently used terms and the reason I chose such a brash title is because it was the best, funniest and most exact name I could think of.

Who is Bitches and Weed for?

The target audience for is men, mostly younger guys but anybody is welcome to enjoy the site, including women who don’t find it offensive.

Do you really think women are bitches?

Not at all and if you have to even ask that question then you should probably move on. Again, the name grabbed me and I rolled with it.

Is this website safe for work (SFW)? is 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW) and will remain that way forever.

Where do you get all these fricken images?

I troll, troll, troll until I find good ones that I think you guys will enjoy. Also, I try my best to show and link back to the original source however, finding the original source isn’t always so easy.

A note on the images of women: I don’t like when they airbrush these pretty chicks to make their “assets” look more enhanced. All it does is make them look fake. So, even though there’s probably some images on the site that are airbrushed, I prefer ones that are not and do my best to find those.

*If you are the original owner of anything on this site and want the content removed, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and we’ll gladly do so.

What if I find the website offensive?

Move to the next website.

What if I actually enjoy the site?

Awesome! I’ll continue posting fun stuff for you to enjoy.

How can I contribute?

Well, since the site is young, any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. If there’s anything you believe would really make this site even better, please, send it my way. Or, if you want to donate a million bucks to the website, that would lovely as well.

Okay, now what?

Great question! Just go ahead and continue enjoying the site for all that it provides: bitches and weed with no stems and no seeds.

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